Every 2nd Tuesday of the month @ the Black Pig pub Tunbridge Wells, England UK.


      Secret Art Parties are the fun and relaxed way to learn or add to your acrylic painting skills and a uniquely insightful and often transformational creative experience. Guests are clearly and gently guided step by step by a kind, patient and good humoured expert painting instructor to recreate a modern masterpiece by the likes of Van Gogh and Monet and other stellar 20th century painting masters. Guests can enjoy painting in a relaxed party atmosphere with tasty canapes and delicious drinks served.



      ' We had such fun! The atmosphere was excellent, the snacks were yummy and Lewis was patient and encouraging. Art was nothing like this at school! I can barely wield a crayon normally, yet I came away with a painting which is wall-worthy. I am amazed to say - we will definitely do this again! '


      -Michelle, Secret Art Party guest

    • £40


      Why should I buy a ticket?


      Please buy a ticket if you are excited by:


      This rare opportunity to create a beautiful finished painting in one evening that you can be truly proud of.

      Learning stunning painting techniques that you can easily use to create your own future artworks.

      Sharing your creative experience with other like minded people in a fun and supportive party atmosphere.


      Please buy a ticket if you are:


      Ready to supercharge your painting skills.

      Willing to challenge yourself to achieve more than you thought you were ever capable of.

      Prepared to see the implications that such a feat will have for other projects in your life; if you can paint a masterpiece in one evening, what else might be possible?


      Please buy a ticket if you are worried about:


      Being left behind. This won't ever happen as Lewis, the artist guide pitches his teaching to all levels of ability and he has 12 years experience of doing this.


      Not being good enough. It is true that all the paintings will look rubbish to begin with, but this is normal; Lewis is there to help you on your painting journey and to show you how to work towards making a painting you can be proud of. Only supportive and fun people are encouraged to attend.

    • August and September fully booked!

      Please join the wait list in case a place becomes available

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    • What we offer:

      • The opportunity to recreate a masterpiece by a famous artist in one evening. (7pm - 10:30pm)
      • Be guided step by step by one of our MA qualified  painting specialists.
      • Learn painting techniques in a fun and relaxed way.
      • Enjoy painting with all artist quality materials provided.
      • Be hosted by our beautiful partnership venues and enjoy a delicious drink and tasty nibbles included with your ticket.
      • Discover the lives of the artists behind the masterpieces.
      • Meet new people and socialise in an informal setting.
      • Feel both relaxed and welcome - we will be with you every brushstroke of the way!



      If you get the chance to do this ....don't hesitate a second! It was so great and we enjoyed it immensely. A great communicator, Lewis guided 2 beginners to create something amazing with thoughtful guidance throughout and showing us there are no mistakes so go for it. The nibbles, chat and drinks throughout made it a highlight of a great trip. Lewis tailored the event to us and I learned so much and had a fun time too. Even if I never painted again I wouldn't regret it as it added a layer of understanding to how great painting is done.




    • Our Feedback



      The evening was a fabulous mix of spending time with friends and letting our creativity flow in a fun and safe setting. We all went home feeling really chuffed but it was only in the morning when I looked at my painting that I really appreciated how well it turned out!


      - Janet


      Thank you for a great evening. It was so much fun that I did not notice the three hours going by. It brought me back to a child-like state where creativity, mindfulness and get-togetherness made the evening a joyful experience.


      - Nathalie


      I had an amazing time. Lewis is so patient it's such a lovely relaxing evening I recommend it to anyone. I hadn't painted since I was at school but have a brilliant painting that I'm so proud of. Thank you Lewis I will most definitely be back.


      - Lorraine